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Zwipe targets Middle East with QPS biometric payment card partnership


Another card issuer partners with Zwipe to bring biometric payment cards to market faster. The company’s latest partner is Que Processing Services (QPS), which will specifically target the card markets in Asia and the Middle East.

To this end, QPS will issue cards featuring Zwipe’s Pay ONE biometric platform. Pay ONE uses fingerprint sensors from IDEX Biometrics, which allow people with a Pay ONE powered card to authorize purchases with fingerprint recognition rather than a PIN code.

Together, Zwipe and QPS hope to meet the growing demand for safer and more convenient payment options. The partnership will streamline the rollout of new cards and is part of QPS’s efforts to increase its visibility in the Middle East. The company already offers physical and virtual card services in several countries in the region.

“Modern payment solutions are disrupting the status quo,” said Vinay Kalantri, founder and CEO of QPS. “Zwipe is a globally recognized biometric financial technology company and our collaboration will bring significant differentiation and business value to our banking customers. “

“Partnering with well-known next-generation payment processors such as QPS will be instrumental in accelerating the deployment of biometric payment cards for consumers and banks,” added Zwipe MENA Managing Director Ramzi Saboury. “While QPS enables banks to quickly launch innovative new payment programs, both partners see strong synergies between products and go-to-market. “

The news builds on Zwipe’s previous success in the Middle East. The company recently entered into a Pay ONE partnership with Middle East Payment Services and Abu Dhabi FinTech start-up NymCard, and it also received a follow-up order from Beirut-based Inkript, which initially signed with Zwipe. in 2019. According to Zwipe CEO André Løvestam, Pay ONE has passed all major technological milestones and is only waiting for pilots and certification before moving to large-scale commercialization.


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