Monthly installment loans

In Bulgaria there are many proposals for urgent loan money, but one of the most profitable ones is the so-called. installment online loans in monthly installments. Here we will introduce loan providers, who offer such loans up to 3000 leva.

No weekends , Saturdays and Sundays , seven days a week is available 24 hours a day via online queries without any crack and bureaucracy.

  • Emergency money to repair a home, new kitchen and change of window frames or any cheap and necessary purchases, utility bills and unexpected costs, travel to the desired destination, dream holiday, excursion, treatment – you can get financial support from a stable and responsible company.
  • installment and transparent loans from an international company, applying online from any mobile device – a computer, a phone, a tablet.
  • A key feature of the company’s credit – installment online loans in monthly installments, minimum documents for giving money and a maximum of time for consideration.
  • Loan interest – depends on the amount of the amount you withdraw and the time you have chosen to repay. You are in advance aware of the cost of the service – you know its value.
  • Exceptionally good offer – every first loan of up to 700 BGN, returned once in 15 days is free of interest, no fees, no cost, you return as much as you have taken.

Simplified and simple application procedure – fill in short form and execute the instructions from the received SMS or email, voluntarily give your consent to receive a loan, through the confirmation code you entered, which has the effect of a handwritten electronic signature and you enter into a contract for credit.

You can apply for a loan on the spot in a convenient office for you.

Approve up to 5 minutes and get the money instantly, the same day.

Borrowing conditions – citizens living permanently in our country, between the ages of 19 and 70, with permanent address registration, with income and a pure credit record.

You need to designate a contact person, the requirements for him / her – to have an up-to-date number and be an adult, may be your close relative, a relative, a colleague, a friend. We note that the person is not a guarantor.

You must provide a guarantor of your loan to ensure that you fulfill your obligations under the credit agreement. The guarantor may be a physical person or a partner bank of loan providers.

The guarantor must meet all the conditions: he must be at least 18 years of age, work on a permanent contract for at least 6 months, have a regular official income of 2 000 BGN per month and have a good credit history.

If you choose a bank guarantee option from a loan providers partner bank, you have to pay a fee that is paid on your due date.

  • installment online loans in monthly installments of 50 to 3,000 BGN with repayment term from 5 days to 12 months.
  • You yourself choose a loan amount and term.
  • There is a convenient calculator to help you get acquainted with the interest rates, the amount of the repayment installments, the full amount you have to pay back.
  • Take advantage of a grace period before you start repaying your credit.
  • You can extend the loan term if you can not pay it within the term you have agreed. If you have financial difficulties and repayment problems, you can extend the loan term by 7, 15 or 30 days for a minimum fee. You need to submit an application before your due date for an extension, for the new maturity date you will receive the CMC. So there is no danger of your credit history deteriorating and you will keep your credit record. With the agreement of the company, you can extend the payment period several times.
  • You can pay your credit in parts, maybe in several installments according to your options and fully on the maturity date.
  • A new loan can only be withdrawn if you have repaid the previous one.
  • Ways of repayment of the loan obligations – by bank transfer, at the cashier in Eisipy, via Kesterminal.
  • You can always download installment online credit in monthly installments completely free of charge from your client’s certificate of lack or availability of standard text obligations, or get an official statement of your credit status by the company by paying a fee according to the current Tariff of Fees and Interests the company.
  • Promotions, discounts and special offers for regular and loyal customers.
  • If you have cash difficulties, contact the Financial Services Department immediately because if you do not return your loan on time, you will be charged for days after the due date, then your debt is transferred to companies specializing in the collection of overdue loans.
  • There is a partner program for people with their own business to earn extra income. Potential customers get acquainted with your business, which becomes known and thus increases the number of people interested in it. As a consequence of the Marketing Plan you’ve just made, you increase your sales, guarantee more revenue, and grow and enrich your business. All you have to do is offer your credit products to the financial company loan providers.
  • The company has internal rules for handling complaints received from clients, which are always considered and answered.

For loan providers – a leading online credit card company in monthly installments

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Loan providers is part of an international company that works with Finnish capital and has positions in 23 countries – Denmark, Poland, Austria, Germany, Great Britain, France, Sweden, Holland, Lithuania, Latvia, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, others.

The Company is a member of the Association for responsible non-bank lending.

The company’s activities are based on principles and established code of ethics, high technology and modern way of working have become everyday, Feratoum is constantly developing and increasing the performance and quality of the products and services it offers. Here they collect money and people in one place.

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