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Launched War Pigs Token as First Crypto Partnership with Corporate America via Decentralized App


NEW YORK, NY, USA, July 8, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — New York — Today, War Pigs Token ($WPT) launched on the Ethereum blockchain as the first cryptocurrency to partner to the corporate world and blockchain through a decentralized application, starting with major Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) lenders. By syndicating their Treasury Tax funds to MCAs, WPT will bring 10% to 20% of the return on investment into their ecosystem. Each time this happens, there will be large redemptions and USDC rewards and their token stakers will receive consistent and considerable passive income.

War Pigs CEO Jonathan Menjivar said, “Our ecosystem and the utility we provide is one of a kind and sets us apart from any other token on the market today. We are excited to finally bring blockchain and crypto to Corporate America and conquer it as we continue to secure more and more partnerships in the MCA lending space.

MCAs are an alternative type of financing for small businesses. Generally speaking, MCA companies provide funds to companies in exchange for a percentage of the companies’ revenues. Typically, an MCA company will make daily withdrawals from the company’s bank account until the obligation is fulfilled. The MCA market is a multi-billion dollar market that is expected to experience dramatic growth estimated at nearly $1.14 trillion by 2028. MCA loans are especially needed in challenging economies like the one we live in today. Moreover, as this industry matures and the world of technology advances rapidly, more and more technology companies are using MCAs.

WPT is a fully incorporated entity in New York State with a fully doxxed team. Their CEO, Jonathan, has been a registered business consultant in New York for 16 years and their COO Nahla Kamaluddin is a licensed attorney. WPT is in the process of applying for a money transfer license, and its ecosystem has both an anti-whale mechanism and an anti-bot system.

WPT is also launching a 2D NFT collection and a 3D NFT collection. Their ecosystem will allow NFT holders to stake and earn what will be called “Bacon” Tokens. These in return can be used to claim high percentage USDC rewards.

Corporate Treasury tax funds will be used to syndicate into major Prime MCA lenders. Although WPT is not a lending platform, funds syndicated to MCA lenders will generate significant profits through project ROI, which can typically range between 10-20%.

Official website: https://www.warpigs.io/

Official Twitter: @WarPigsToken

Official telegram: https://t.me/warpigstoken


About the War Pigs Token
Cryptocurrency is changing the world and the lives of many people who invest in it every day; however, American companies and businesses in the United States have yet to fully use it to their advantage. War Pigs Token directly addresses this problem, as we bridge the gap between Corporate America Merchant Cash Advance (“MCA”) private funding and blockchain.

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