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HP’s new giant outlet wants to reinvent the post-pandemic retail world


HP is strengthening its point-of-sale product portfolio with the launch of the new HP Engage Go 10.

Intended primarily for retail and hospitality, the system is said to be fully convertible, meaning it can be used just about anywhere and in a wide variety of sales scenarios.

The Engage Go 10 is also complemented by another new product, the HP Engage Flex Mini, which is a compact device that can provide a point-of-sale solution for non-physical outlets or where space is limited.

The tech giant is also making its HP Engage One Pro point of sale system available with Android or Windows options, giving everyone from small business owners to large businesses increased flexibility.

According to HP, a recent study highlighted that 76% of U.S. apparel executives said they wanted to expand and improve omnichannel in-store integration due to the changing sales landscape.

HP Engage products

Business owners have had to react to changing consumer habits, especially since the onset of the global coronavirus pandemic. Customers are increasingly looking for a wider range of shopping options, including curbside pickup and store shipping.

HP is also working with payments specialist Igenico to integrate enhanced payment capabilities into the new HP Engage product line. As a result, Engage Go 10 allows businesses to accept most major card payment methods in the United States. It also offers the convenience of being able to process transactions on the go when needed.

“As consumer behaviors and buying habits continue to evolve, businesses must remain focused on connecting with consumers in new and exciting ways,” said Cory McElroy, vice president and general manager, Retail Solutions , HP.

“The new HP Engage Go 10 and HP Engage Flex Mini reflect HP’s commitment to providing technology solutions to retailers and hotel operators that combine stylish designs, expanded capabilities, and the reliability and security needed to run a business. wide range of operations across their business – whether fixed in-store or mobile for curbside pickups.

HP Engage Go is a 10-inch tablet-based solution that can be used in stationary and mobile sales situations. While mobile and lightweight, starting at 1.6 pounds, the device was designed to work with key sales accessories, such as a barcode reader and fingerprint reader.

It also comes with the ability to integrate with the Igenico Moby 5500M payment device, which offers business owners the ability to process a wide variety of electronic payment methods. The unit includes HP Engage Link software, designed to increase the speed and efficiency of sales transactions, as well as HP Wolf Security for Business.

And, because it’s designed to work in all kinds of situations, the unit has been designed to be rugged, with the ability to withstand dust, liquids, and the frequent disinfection that today’s equipment is subjected to. The display also has a rugged Gorilla Glass touchscreen.

Meanwhile, the HP Engage Flex Mini is the next generation of the HP MP9, which features a compact design that targets the retail and hospitality industries as well as healthcare, manufacturing and transportation industries. . HP says the new design will allow businesses to support their front desk and back office operations, including point-of-sale, digital signage and surveillance systems, as well as advanced IT workflows.

In terms of performance, business owners can expect to benefit from 10th Gen Intel Core i9 processors, 64GB of memory, and 2 flexible port options including a flexible second NIC port. The small but powerful package is also expected to feature HP Engage Edge, which HP says is the first retail product to be powered by the open source EdgeX Foundry platform.


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