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Banks and payment companies invite more technicians to their labs | PaymentsSource


Barclays chief operating officer Mark Ashton-Rigby recently issued an open call for out-of-work tech professionals, seeking to tap into distinct recession-related opportunities.

“I firmly believe that when one door closes, another opens and adversity can create opportunity,” Ashton-Rigby said in her announcement on LinkedInwhich served as recruitment for new technology workers in banks and participants in a program for startups.

At a time Payments and more general digital bank, companies are laying off workers after a surge in hiring at the start of the pandemic. This has created a new market of available talent that lands at mature financial companiesbut also in development centers, technology labs, accelerators and other initiatives dedicated to training technology workers or detecting and developing new concepts in payments and other financial technologies.

Capital has been over-allocated to fintech and valuations have ballooned, making a correction inevitable, said Eric Grover, director of Intrepid Ventures, adding that a lot of fintech talent was being freed up as a result.

“Some of this talent will take refuge working for large banks and traditional payment processors and networks,” Grover said. “But some or a lot of it is likely to be looking to start new ventures. It’s their idea of ​​the next best mousetrap, which would be good for accelerators/hubs or incubators.”

Here is a sampling of some of the accelerators, training centers and development labs that have recently been launched or expanded.